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Anxiety Counselling

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The number one reason people access counselling is anxiety and stress. Anxiety is a healthy response to unknown events or stressors. However, anxiety can lead to excessive worry and fears, lack of sleep, feelings of overwhelm, and physical exhaustion. Sometimes it can make people feel like they are going crazy. If this sounds familiar, it can be time to seek help.

Depression Counselling

Are you struggling with motivation, feeling low, not yourself or feel your life is out of balance. Maybe you have lost interest in your activities that use to bring you pleasure, or you are feeling sad and alone.  Depression can be a sign that your life is out of balance or you are not living in line with your passion.  If you are having these symptoms you may be experiencing depression.  Many of us experience symptoms of depression at some point in our lives- but when these symptoms are affecting your ability to function, it can be time to seek help.  

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD may be accompanied by anxiety and depression.  There are several proven therapies that can help to resolve these symptoms.  

Accepting Help Is Not Easy

You may feel that if you are struggling with anxiety or depression, you are weak.  It is the human condition that we all have to struggle and it takes courage to seek help.

I provide a safe environment where we can unravel your struggles and explore repetitive dynamics. Through truly getting to know you, together with my experience and intuitive insight, I can present some tools to help you overcome these issues.

I also draw from evidence-based therapies which are effective in the treatment of both Anxiety and Depression. These therapies include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), and identifying and acknowledging feelings. Sometimes people need to explore childhood traumas, then “inner child” healing techniques may be beneficial. One may need to explore ways to set boundaries or communicate assertively. The therapy may also include getting back in touch with your values and passion in life.  

Whatever the issue, we work together to help you overcome these struggles and return to your true self. 

Stop Worrying, Start Living

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